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Download All Tecno ClockWorkMod Recovery Images and Scatter File

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Download All Tecno ClockWorkMod Recovery Images and Scatter File

CWM or ClockWorkMod recovery is a customized recovery for Android devices developed by Koushik Dutta that enables you to do numerous advance task which the default Stock recovery isn`t capable of. A list of some Tecno ClockWorkMod CWM Recovery images and scatter file are available for download.

These CWM recovery can undergo or perform task ranging from:  
  1. Installing Custom ROMs 
  2. Gain root access  
  3. Partition Memory Space  
  4. Backup and Restore ROMs   
  5. Install kernels, mods, themes, GAPPs, fonts etc 
  6. Factory Reset device and many more....

And should you prefer to customize your Android device using advance method, CWM or any other custom
recovery at best is perfectly suitable for this operation.

Here is a list of some selected Tecno devices CWM Recovery Images.

You can also install recovery using any of the alternative methods below.

The files shared on this page also contains scatter file which you can use with SP-flash tool.
Extract the .Rar archive to get your recovery image and scatter file then use your desired method.
Learn how to create CWM Recovery Images click here

  1. Tecno A3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  2. Tecno A7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  3. Tecno Phantom A+ (F7) CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  4. Tecno Phantom 5 Recovery & Scatter file
  5. Tecno Camon C8 Recovery & Scatter file
  6. Tecno Camon C5 Recovery & Scatter file
  7. Tecno D3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  8. Tecno D5 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  9. Tecno F5 CWM Recovery & Scatter file 
  10. Tecno F6 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  11. Tecno F7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  12. Tecno G9 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  13. Tecno H5 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  14. Tecno H6 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  15. Tecno H7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  16. Tecno Boom J7  Recovery & Scatter file
  17. Tecno L3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  18. Tecno L6 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  19. Tecno M3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  20. Tecno M5 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  21. Tecno M6 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  22. Tecno M7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  23. Tecno M9 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  24. Tecno N3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  25. Tecno N7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  26. Tecno N9 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  27. Tecno P5 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  28. Tecno P9 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  29. Tecno R7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file 
  30. Tecno S3 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  31. Tecno S7 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  32. Tecno Q1 CWM Recovery & Scatter file
  33. Tecno Y6 CWM Recovery & Scatter file

More will be added shortly 

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