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How to Install ClockWorkMod on MTK Android Devices

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How to Install ClockWorkMod on MTK Android Devices
This tutorial will teach you how to Install ClockWorkMod on MTK, Android Devices. CWM Recovery is the most popular replacement recovery on Android devices. It can be use to backup or restore ROM(s) on Android devices platforms, Install Custom ROM flash packages like CyanogenMod, Gapps, adb shell, factory set device and other numerous functions.

This write up will briefly guide you on how to install CWM Recovery on MTK device.

*Note: You must root your device before commencing this process.

Click here to download and root your device using Kingo Android Root
or Click here to download and Root with iRoot

Click here to download and install Android adb drivers
Click here to download MTK Droid Tools

  • Launch MTK Droid Tools
  • Enable debugging mode on your device. Go to settings > developers option > enable debug mode
  • Connect the device to the computer and wait for MTK Droid tools to detect
  • If the device is rooted a yellow box is seen at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Now click the ROOT button bottom right and grant Super User access on your device.

*The yellow box will now turn green.
*Now click on backup, root, recovery tab.
*Tick to use boot from phone.
*Now click Recovery and Boot button.

A dialogue box will appear "To make CWM recovery automatically ?" 
  • Select Yes
A second dialogue box will appear "If the phone isn't loaded, it is necessary to flash this file through Flash Tool! Install patched boot to phone? " 
  • Select No.
Another dialogue box "Install created recovery to phone?"

  • Select Yes
The last dialogue box will appear "To reload phone in recover?"

  • Select Yes.
Your device will now boot into CWM recovery

If that doesn't happen, press volume up and power button to boot into CWM recovery mode.

Congratulations, you have just installed CWM to your device.

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