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How To Switch Between Two Android Launchers After Setting One As Default

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How To Switch Between Two Android Launchers After Setting One As Default
This tutorial will teach you how to simply switch between two android launchers after setting one as default.  I believe by now, that you already know what android launchers are; they are apps that add different fanciful styles to your android themes, app drawers etc. in just a manner that will make you love your android screen user interface.

Examples of common launchers are Go launchers, CMS launcher, Zero launchers and so many others out there that you can choose from and that will presents its unique styling features to your android.

Yesterday, somebody told me that he has 2 different launchers on his android device and that he has opted to use one of the launchers as his default launcher by choosing the always option against the just once option that was presented to him.

He continued by telling me that he wants to switch and use the other launcher but finding it difficult to do so.

I know that some of you out there might be facing similar difficulty in switching between your android launchers especially when you have set one as default.

In that vein I decided to through light on how you can easily switch between launchers and play around them even if you have up to 5 of them; it shouldn’t present that difficulty to set any of  your choice android launcher as default.

Now out of your numerous android launchers, for you to switch and set another one as default after having one as default already, follow the simple steps below;

I believe you know the names of the launchers that you have installed to your device

·     With your android phone, navigate your way to Settings>>All>>Apps

·     Then swipe left 3 times to land on All menu

·     Under Alllocate the current default launcher

·     Tap on the current default launcher and move down where you will see the clear default tab

·     Tab on the clear default to reset

·      Now go back to your home screen and hold down the home key; it will then prompt you again to choose from the list of your launchers to use either always or just once.

After setting which one to use, you can from now on always repeat the entire process above to switch between your android launchers any time you set one as default (Always)

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