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How To Flash and Upgrade Spreadtrum Device Using SPD Tools

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How To Flash and Upgrade Spreadtrum Device Using SPD Tools


This brief tutorial will guide you on How to flash, upgrade spreadtrum device using SPD Tool

Click here to download SPD Upgrade Tool

1. Open the Research download tool > bin folder

2. Launch Research Download.exe

3. Click on the Load Packet icon (top left corner)

4. In the window that pops up, navigate to the location of the .pac file, select it then click Open

5. The pac file should now be loaded (its name should appear at the top)

6. Click the Settings Icon (top left corner)

7. In the box that pops up, uncheck any item(s) you do not wish to flash then click OK. Ignore this step if you wish to flash all files

8. Click the Start downloading button

9. You should see Waiting.... under the Progress bar

10. Switch off the phone (still with battery inside) then connect it to the PC via USB cord (note that you might need to hold the volume decease button while connecting to PC on some phones) and flashing should begin. DO NOT interrupt

11. Once flashing is complete, you'll see Passed

12. Click on the Stop downloading icon then disconnect the phone from PC and boot.


How To Use Blackberry IMEI Generator For Use on Android Devices

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How To Use Blackberry IMEI Generator For Use on Android Devices

It took me by surprised to notice that most of you that want to change your android IMEI to that of blackberry are still going from one dust bin to the other searching for condemned blackberry to extract its IMEI. This tutorial will brief you on how to use Blackberry IMEI generator for use on Android.

If you are wondering why people will want to change their android IMEI to that of blackberry then you are still missing in action, but never too worry, I will tell why.

You all know that BIS data is very cheap now on all the major networks available in the country, and that N1k will give you a whooping 3GB worth of BIS data for the month.

For long now a lot people have been grooving this cheap BIS data on their android devices with GLO lines as result of being able to change their Android IMEI to that of a Blackberry.

And the good thing is that up till this very moment, it is still blazing like wild fire on android and on PC via android tethering.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is mostly a unique 15 digits number often assigned to certain devices like your smartphones, modems etc. and in most cases the IMEI number of your devices often starts with 35.

Since the IMEI number of your device is unique, and then no two devices is allowed to have the same IMEI number. When a phone is stolen or misplaced, you can render the phone useless only if you know the 15 digits IMEI number.

Please note that in some countries, it is illegal to change the IMEI of your devices and anytime you end up changing the IMEI of your device, you have void any warranty that might come with the device.

Now coming down to the main topic of the day, truly if I had known that you are still suffering searching for condemned blackberry IMEI to use for your android, I would have put up this post since so you will just easily download software that generates unique blackberry IMEI together with the blackberry PIN.

Without wasting any time, you can easily download Gipps here and use it to generate blackberry IMEI for your intended purpose. It is a zip file, so you have to unzip it and run the executable file in there to open the software.

When you have succeeded in getting the software open, you can then start generating blackberry IMEI by clicking at the Generate IMEI > continue and your blackberry IMEI will be generated instantly. You can even generate for yourself and also generate for your friends.

But if you feel that you cannot generate blackberry IMEI for yourself for whatever reason, I can easily generate one for you for free and forward it to your mail box. So all you need do is to indicate interest by dropping your email at the comment section of this page and I will assist you generate and forward one unique blackberry IMEI number.

Then also coming down to the process involved in changing your android IMEI to that of blackberry, I didn’t put it up anywhere here because I felt you already know how to go about it, but if you still insist I should do that, pending on the number of requests, I might consider and still put it up for you.

Over to you if you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself and don’t forget to drop your email if you need me to generate blackberry IMEI number for you.


Download And Install Android Lollipop 5.1 MIUI 7 Custom ROM For Infinix X507

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Download And Install Android Lollipop 5.1 MIUI 7 Custom ROM For Infinix X507
To all users of Infinix Hot x507 who has been requesting for an "OK" custom ROM for their Infinix hot x509 smartphone, we are glad to finally drop as requested what we've been expecting for you guys.  After many hours of ensuring this awesome ROM goes well on Infinix Hot x507, Infinix Club has presented Miui v7 for Hot x507. This ROM is best bugles custom ROM for Infinix hot. I'm sure by now, most of you must have ported to the official lollipop 5.1 upgrade Infinix mobility recently rolled out for its Hot x507 users, but if you're a Miui fan and also love trying  things out on your smartphone, I'll say you should try this awesome Miui v7 custom ROM.



The ROM file is in a RAR file format which in it, contains the Miui 7 ROM in zip form, the recovery you will be using, [PhilZ Recovery]. You can flash the recovery using either MTK Mobile Uncle Tools or SP Flash Tool, whichever you prefer and a folder containing Next Launcher and theme. Both my Next Launcher and theme are Premium already paid for apps so you need not worry about ads and the likes.

I repeat, the ROM is bug free but if you encounter any bug, please let us know.

1. Both SIM Cards working and both have 3G
2. Camera in perfect condition.
3. Battery life optimum.
4. No lags.
5. Fully deodexed.
6. RAM usage low.
7. Playstore working [plus it comes with MIUI’s App Store]
8. SIM Toolkit working for both SIMs

How To Install
  • - Download Miui 7 ROM from here.

  • -  Or From Google drive here.
  1. Make a backup of your contacts to a vCard and have it somewhere external like your sdcard or pc. You will import the vCard after you are done. You can use this app Contact VCF.
  2. Copy the downloaded files to your sdcard
  3. Flash the recovery provided with the file. [You might get errors if you try to flash it with CWM or TWRP]
  4. Boot into your recovery
  5. Go to Backup and Restore and hit Backup to / sdcard
  6. Go back and into Wipe and Format Options, scroll down to Clean to Install a New ROM and select that
  7. When it’s done, select Install Zip and then choose zip and you can flash the zip you placed in your SDcard.
  8. After it’s done and tells you script was successful, go back and go into Wipe and Format Options again but this time, select Wipe Cache. After that's done, select Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache
  9. Reboot your Infinix HOT.
CONGRATULATIONS: You are now running the latest MIUI 7 custom ROM on your HOT x507.

Here are a couple of things you should know about.
  1. Before installing any apps, first of all go to Settings & Additional settings & Privacy & Device administration & Unknown sources and select allow.
  2. MIUI already comes pre-rooted so no need to worry about rooting it. When you install an app that requires root access, find the app called 'Security', open it and you will find 'Permissions', go in it and there will be three options:

  • Auto start: This is where you will select apps you want to auto start with the device, like the launcher and the theme, etc.
  • Permissions: You can see what apps have what permissions and revoke them if necessary.
  • Root access: This is where you will come to grant your apps root access. If you open an app that requires root access, just grant it.

NOTE: This ROM is not an official Rom. If you ever get a notification for an update, do not use the OTA update, It will get you ''Redmi Note 3G’s ROM'' which is the base ROM of this port and that will brick your phone if you do.

How To Install Carbon 5.1 Lollipop Custom ROM For Tecno H6 And Boom J7

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How To Install Carbon 5.1 Lollipop Custom ROM For Tecno H6 And Boom J7
This method will teach you how to simply install carbon 5.1 lollipop custom ROM for Tecno H6 and Boom J7. Carbon ROM is solely built with elegant design, light-weight and beautiful fast. It’s a Lollipop established ROM on cyanogenmod12.1 and it has 3.4.67 kernel which makes it compatible on MT6582 Android phones running 4.4.X Kitkat OS, such as Tecno H6 and Boom J7. Nevertheless, in this customized ROM, all bugs are fixed and extended battery saver mode.


Before we proceed to install this ROM, I hope your device is rooted and also Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery being installed. To learn how to Root your device, click here and go here to install Clockworkmod recovery.
How To Install BlissPOP ROM On Tecno H6 and Boom J7
  1. Enable USB Debugging on your device by simply going to Settings >> Developers Option. If the developers option isn’t visible on your device, simply go to "About Phone" under settings, then scroll to “Build Number” and tap it upto 4 times to make the developers option visible.
  2. After that, download Carbon 5.1 Lollipop Custom ROM from here, and Gapps from here.

  3. Move the 2 downloaded files to your root SD Card or you can place it where you'll easily find it while in recovery mode.
  4. Now, switch off your device or remove & insert battery and boot to recovery mode by press holding at the same time Volume Down button + press Power button.
  5. Once you get to the recovery mode, simply do this:
  • Backup your stock ROM by scrolling to "Backup/ Restore".
  • After that, Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache/ART cache from advanced section.

   5.   After that, goto recovery main menu and select "Install", then select your downloaded Carbon Rom file and install. After installing "Carbon Rom", Install Gapps immediately.

   6.  Once the installation process is completed, reboot your device.

Done, you can now feel the awesomeness of Carbon 5.1 Lollipop Custom Rom on your Tecno H6 & Boom J7

How To Download From Mega Link
  Copy Rom Mega link. e.g,!fVoBjSLC!KxbjrFG8LRc0xKW3p0iZpv1cUn0xD9BrgDszo4FsloQ
    Download and Install "Advanced Downloader For Mega" from Google Playstore
    Launch it after downloading
    Click on "Add Links"
    Click on paste icon located on the top right corner, your previous copied mega link will auto process, giving you 'Ok' sign.
    Now, click on download icon located at the top right corner.
    Gbam, your Rom will start downloading. If it doesn't, press the menu button and click on option and uncheck "Download via WiFi". Go back and Resume your download.

That's it, your download will start. It also support Pause and Resume.

Download And Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow For Infinix Note 2 X600

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Download And Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow For Infinix Note 2 X600
This tutorial will teach you how to download and Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Infinix Note 2 X600

Flash Version: Click here to download and flash using SP Flash-tool
TCard Version - Recovery Version: Click here to download and flash via recovery mode.

NOTE:  If you have rooted your device, do not attempt to install TCard version via recovery mode, you'll end up bricking your device. Use flash version instead and install via Sp Flash Tools

Version Update: 
1) XUI upgraded to 1.N.3.0
2) Fixed issue where front camera cannot be accessed by non-system apps. 
3) Added video call (only usable if SIM card supports this function). 
4) Fixed one-hand mode malfunction 
5) Fixed issue where Direct Call widget does not display contact avatar. 
6) Removed pin number notification from pull down bar when Mobile Anti-Theft is activated. 
7) Fixed button overlap with "Just once - Always" and “Home- Back”. 
8) Battery percentage added to pull down bar. 
9) Added quick wallpaper swap for enhanced customization.Long press the Idle interface, select a key switch wallpaper from the widget 
10) Screen Record upgraded to V1.0; record toggle added to notification bar. 
11) Added Xshare function with QR delivery. 
12) Optimized communication module interaction and visuals. 
13) XACCOUNT registration added to startup guide. 
14) Optimized system stability and performance while fixing other issues.

How To Install CM 12.1 OS 5.1 Lollipop On Tecno Phantom Z And Z Mini

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How To Install CM 12.1 OS 5.1 Lollipop On Tecno Phantom Z And Z Mini
Here is a fully functional and working CM12.1, android 5.1 Lollipop for your Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini. Since this ROM is based on CyanogenMOD 12.1, it has all the features of the CM12.1. This brief tutorial guide you on how to install CM 12.1 OS 5.1 Lollipop on Tecno Phantom Z and Z Mini inclusive.

Features of Cyanogen MOD 5.1 OS
Android 5.1 Base
Updated Sync
Latest Google Now luncher
Stable Battery Management
Better and Stable ROM Temperature
Hotspot and Wifi Sync Working fine
Smoother Graphics
Faster Boot-time
Builtin Google Apps and more

*Everything works

Here`s how you can flash Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini
To flash this ROM on your Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini, you only need to flash any custom recovery on your device and follow the straight instructions that follow below:

1. Flash TWRP or CWM Custom Recovery on your Tecno Phantom Z or Z mini. If you don't know how, read ahead.
2. Click here to download the CM12.1 Custom ROM for Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini.
3. Move the downloaded ROM to the root of your internal storage. You may use On The Go cable (OTG) for this purpose as well if you so chose to.
4. Reboot to recovery. Remember! It should be TWRP or CWM Recovery on your Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini.
5. Wipe Data and Wipe Cache.
6. Click Install from SD Card.
7. Navigate to the folder wherein you have saved the Downloaded ROM and select it. Wait patiently for the flashing operation to complete and then, reboot the your device.

How To Root Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini:
If your Tecno Phantom Z or Z mini is not rooted yet, follow the instructions below to root it. This is because you need root access on the phone in order to successfully flash this ROM on it especially, before you are able to flash Custom recovery on the device.

1. Download Kingroot from here and install it on your phone or click here to download for Windows PC
2. Turn On your Data Service or Connect to a working and active hotspot.
3. Lunch Kingroot on the phone or your PC and then, follow the instructions on Kingroot to root your Tecno Phantom Z or Z mini.

How To Flash TWRP Custom Recovery On Tecno Phantom Z and Z mini:
1. Get TWRP/CWM Recovery.img file for your Tecno Phantom Z or Z mini., click here to lean how to create and install TWARP/CWM
2. Download MobileUncle Tools from Play Store here or use the direct link here and install it on your Tecno Phantom Z or Z mini.
3. Put the TWRP/CWM Recovery.img you download/made from the link above to the root of your SD Card.
4. Lunch MobileUncle Tools on your phone.
5. Click Recovery Update from MobileUncle Tools.
6. Select the TWRP/CWM Recovery you downloaded from the list. Confirm it and then proceed. If it asks you to reboot to recovery, click "Yes".


Download BlissPOP ROM OS 5.1 Lollipop For Tecno Phantom Z and Z Mini

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Download BlissPOP ROM OS 5.1 Lollipop For Tecno Phantom Z and Z Mini
BlissPOP ROM is one of the best Custom ROMs for Tecno smartphones. This ROM is known to be the Emperor of all Lollipop based ROMs because of its simplicity and elegant design. The ROM comes with high customization and works perfectly on MT6592 devices running on android Kitkat, like Tecno Phantom Z and Phantom Z mini. However, in this custom ROM, all bugs fixed and improved battery saver mode.
In this guide, I will teach you the simple methods on how to install BlissPOP ROM on Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini smartphones.

Note: You device must be rooted, click here to learn how
How to Install BlissPOP ROM on Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini
Step 1: Enable USB debugging on Tecno device, simply go to settings >> Developers option. If the developers option isn’t visible on your device, simple go to “About Phone” under settings, then scroll to “Build number” and tap up to seven times to make the developers option visible.

Step 2: After that, download BlissPOP ROM here and also download fixed SMS bug patches here, move the downloaded files to the internal storage of your Tecno device.
Step 3: Now, switch off your device and boot to recovery mode (press and hold Volume Down button + press Power button).

Step 4: Once you get to the recovery mode, simply perform a full system wipe (Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache/ART cache from advanced section).

Step 5: After that, go to the recover main menu, then select install , then select the BlissPOP ROM Zip file and install immediately. Do same for fixed bug SMS patches.

Step 6: Once the installation process is completed, simply go back main recovery menu and tap on Reboot system, and your device would be rebooted.

Once your device is rebooted successfully, you would begin to experience the BlissPOP ROM your Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini devices.


Download Lenovo Stock Firmware

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Download Lenovo Stock Firmware

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