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How to use Custom Recovery and Aroma file Mgr to free up Space on Android

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How to use Custom Recovery and Aroma file Mgr to free up Space on Android
This tutorial will teach you how to use custom recovery and aroma file mgr to free up space on android devices.
Backing up a phone that is having problem is likely to give that same problem when you restore it because something must have caused the error, so you won't want to do that.most mobile phone engineer will factory reset the android phone, whether hard or soft, it will still wipe out most of your important apps, paid or free instead of just deleting some few apps with custom recovery like cwm and team win recovery project (twrp) and aroma file manager. Therefore, if you have rooted your android phone, be it HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nexus etc, with custom recovery installed, then you have more chances of getting it fixed.
It quite technical for those who don't have an idea on rooting and installing of custom recovery like cwm and twrp. However, I will advice you to take it to an engineer to get it fixed, do not play around with your hand-held device boot-loader if you have no idea because you might brick the phone.
Most engineer will end up factory reset the device without thinking of any other steps to get it fixed. No problem if they do that since many don't bother their self with rooting skills. If the phone is not rooted before it happened, then it is preferable to just factory reset, mostly high end device like HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nexus and so on, which the boot-loader is flexible to flip with. It will be advisable to factory reset and then root it and flash custom recovery like cwm or twrp should in case any problem arises again int the nearest future.

This is one reason I usually recommend android users who want to explore their phone to the fullest to always root and flash custom recovery, but for those who just want to use their android phone or device for the normal stuff it has to offer like browsing, music, checking mails, watching video etc, then you don't need it.even if you do, it will be for easy means to fix your device should in case it has some difficult problem.
For those who don't know what aroma file manager is, let me just give a simple explanation. Aroma file manager is a recovery file manager which can only be installed through custom recovery like cwm or twrp by flashing it or you can use adb side-load via computer to side-load it. Aroma file manager is not that different from other apk file manager only that it is being flashed via custom recovery and only active at that particular time.after you carry out what ever you want to do with it and reboot the phone, it won't come up, this simply means you will have to flash it any time you intend to use it.

It is a very simple and powerful handy tool i will recommend for those who explore their phone because it has lots of features. I make use of it often time to crack android phone password or hand slide gesture key without factory reset the phone and no stress. Its one of my secret app and i value it a lot because of its features. It enables me to hack into the phone while in recovery mode and delete, modify, add, edit by exploring both the phone internal memory and SD card. Now you know what it is capable of doing?

Let us proceed and get this over with.

How to use Custom Recovery and Aroma file Mgr to free up Space on Android
 *Enter into recovery mode. All phones have different means of entering recovery mode, I will use HTC as case study. Hold down volume button and press hold power button together for some seconds, it will enter boot-loader, use the volume down key to scroll down to and select recovery.depending on the recovery you installed, it will show up. Use the volume key to scroll down to install.

If you are using CWM, then scroll to load file-install file from SD and look for aroma file manager.
If you are using twrp, then scroll to install and find aroma file manager from SD, flash aroma file manager.
twrp is a touch based recovery, so you just have to use your hand to touch and install files.
Though most of the latest cwm are now have touch based.

Note that you will have to first download aroma file manager and put it inside the root on your SD card.
When i mean root of SD card, i mean inside the SD memory card without it being in any folder.just the in the SD card. Aroma file manager is a zip file, so just place it in the root of the SD card and use the recovery as mentioned in the steps above to flash it.download via Download Aroma file Manager. After flashing it, you will see a new tool which is the aroma file manager. Now you will have to make it to detect all the phone partitions like system, data etc, without this option, you won't have access to your internal memory and other area in the phone since they are hidden by default.

To do this, press the menu key.usually the key at the right down side on the app, an option will come up, select settings,then scroll down and tick " auto mount all devices on start" and click done button.then press the menu button and exit it. If you don't exit it, it won't detect all the file paths because you just installed it for the first time. You will have to flash it again,just follow the process again to flash it,this time it will detect all file paths. What we are looking for is the data file path.that is where most of the apps you install on your phone are piling up. So scroll and look for this path called data.enter it, then look for data again from the next path, click on it. There you will see the data of most of the apps you have installed.their folder will be in com.android.nameofapp or com.makeroftheapp.nameofthapp.

For instance, if you install an app from adobe called adobe pdf reader, the folder would be com.adobe.pdfreader or something different. That way you will know the name of each apps installed on the phone. Scroll to any of the apps, please take note of the system apps.only delete the apps you have installed from playstore or third party. don't delete those apps that came with the phone except you know what you are doing.

In situation like this, look for apps that you think may have large data installed in that path and delete it by pressing and holding on the folder, an option will come up, select delete and you are done.
After that, go back to the root where you entered the first data folder by pressing the back arrow button at the top right. Enter data folder again, this time you won't enter the second data folder.you will need to enter app folder.

Look for a folder called app and you will see the raw app .apk files installed, you will have to delete it. Further look for the app you deleted from data files. Look for that same app in the app folder and delete it. This way you have succeeded in deleting both data files and raw apk which will free up space, do same for large apps and before you know it, you will free large chunk of space on your android phone or tab manually.

How To Fix Sony Ericson x10i No Service After Upgrade

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How To Fix Sony Ericson x10i No Service After Upgrade
This tutorial will teach you how to fix Sony Ericson x10i with no service after performing upgrade or update.
I was trying to upgrade Sony Ericson Xperia x10i from android 2.1 eclair to 4.2 jelly bean but got an unexpected error which is Sony x10i no service after the upgrade.the Sony x10 no service error made the phone to reject any sim card that is not provisioned for the phone when it was bought.when i tried to search for network coverage through settings>wireless>Network>Mobile Network>Search Available Network. However, I saw available mobile network but I got an error on the Sony x10i saying " this sim card does not allow connection to this network.i was like what and did a research on fixing the Sony x10i no service problem.

From the search, I noticed that the problem does happen to most of this device when performing upgrade or installing of custom ROM. Hence, such upgrade may wipe the sim-lock certificate that is on the phone system before the upgrading. I was able to root the phone and install android 2.3 which was one of the required steps but that got it locked and made network undetectable. If you have Sony Ericson Xperia x10 or x10i and you wish to upgrade it to android 4.2, Jelly Bean, then you may have to reconsider taking such risk because you may end up causing damage and spending more money to unlock it.
The tools I used in the flashing of the stock ROM 2.3 was Sony Erickson flasher tool by bin4ry which worked great in flashing the Kennel and ROM but at first, i got it soft bricked/damaged, and the phone was stuck on Sony Ericson logo and keeps restarting it self.this is as a result of trying to unlock and re-lock boot-loader using Sony Ericson flasher tool. The boot-loader unlock was done with semc_tool.bat which removed the sim-lock certificate from the phone causing it not to allow network connection from the sim.
When i was trying to re-lock the boot-loader using Sony Ericson flasher tool, it got the phone bricked and boot-loop, that was when i flashed the stock ROM 2.3 to resolve the boot-loop.

As for the Sony x10i no service showing " this sim card does not allow connection to this network " , I believe it will be fixed by using an unlock software like setool. When i get a fix for it using free tools, i will share it with you guys.
If you have fixed this no service issue, you can share with us by using the comment form.

How to Install Nubia UI ROM on Lenovo A6000

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How to Install Nubia UI ROM on Lenovo A6000
There are different types of custom ROMs which are available for the Lenovo A6000 smartphone. Nubia UI is a pre-rooted custom ROM which you can install on your Lenovo A6000 smartphone. The ROM comes with a lot of advanced features which you will not get in any other custom ROM. Some of the features which you will find in Nubia UI Rom are virtual power buttons, Google Assistant, Xposed Status bar and many other features. If you want to try all these feature on Lenovo A6000, you need to install this custom ROM. Follow the easy step by step guide shared below as it will help you to install Nubia UI Rom on Lenovo A6000.
  • Your Lenovo A6000 smartphone should have root access on it. Follow the guide to root Lenovo A6000 here.
  • Lenovo A6000 should have at least 70% of battery in it.
  • It is important to create backup of all the data which is present in your Android smartphone. Create backup of your all the data of your smartphone before you start the rooting process.
  • USB Debugging should be enabled on your smartphone. To enable USB debugging you need to go to Settings > About Phone > Tap build number 8 times. Go back to Settings where you will see a new tab named Developer Options. Open this tab and now select USB debugging


Guide to install NUBIA UI on Lenovo A6000

  1. First of all, connect your Lenovo A6000 with your PC using USB cable. Once connected, copy both the ROM file and GAAPS on the internal storage of your device.
  2. Now disconnect your smartphone and switch off your Lenovo A6000. The next thing that you need to do is enter recovery mode of Lenovo A6000. To enter recovery mode press combination of Volume Up + Power button. When you see recovery mode release the buttons.
  3. Once you have entered recovery mode, use the Volume buttons for moving up and down and Power button to make a selection.
  4. Wipe the data, cache, and dalvik cache.
  5. Once you have wiped all data, select install zip from SD card and then select choose zip from SD card.
  6. Select the ROM file that you copied in your phone and flash it on your Lenovo A6000.
  7. Once NUBIA UI ROM is flashed, flash GAAPS on your device.
Once you have flashed both NUBIA UI and GAAPS on your Lenovo A6000 smartphone, reboot your device.

Credit: androidrootguide 

How To Effectively Use Mobdro Multi-Channel Android Streaming App

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How To Effectively Use Mobdro Multi-Channel Android Streaming App
This brief information will teach you how to use mobdro multi-channel android streaming app on your device.
The Mobdro Multi-Channel Android streaming app is one of the best android streaming app out there that you can think of. In fact if you are not yet using this app on your android devices for streaming arrays of live channels, ranging in categories of sport, news, music, movies etc. with hundreds of sub-channels under each category, I will like to say that you are missing in action. And the good thing about Modbro is that all the channels are in HD stream format depicting extremely clear streams.
Now, I have noticed that some of you that are already making use of this magnificent app often complain of cracking or hanging of channels while streaming or that most times in trying to stream some channels, they often get “Can’t play video Link “error.
Having personally used the apps for some months now, I was able to figure out that those complaining about the app do not really know how to use the app effectively in order to maximize the huge potentials of the app in terms of clear and quality streams. For those complaining of cracking channels and “can’t play video link” that you sometimes encounter, this is what I want you to know in order to be able to overcome those minor challenges while using the Mobdro android streaming app.
Have you noticed that when going through the Mobdro channels catalogue, you often see same channels being repeated? If you have noticed that, then this is why your channels cracks/hangs or why you see the “can’t play video link” sometimes when trying to stream some channels. The reason is that you often choose the top on the list of channel links, and we have observed that those channels that comes top of the channel categories lists are often the ones with bad stream links; either you notice that they crack/hang during stream or the links are not even available for stream and thus the “can’t play video link” that you often see.

For example if you want to stream your favorite football match on BT Sport 1 or Sky Sport 1 channels on Mobdro, you normally go to the Sport category and scroll to see any of those channels then you pick on the first BT Sport 1 that appears, but you often forget that if you scroll down further, you will also see more BT Sport 1 channels.

Those first one at the top often do not contain the best stream links, but rather the 2nd or even 3rd channels of similar sort are the ones with cleaner links, and the stream links are most times available unlike the first links that sometimes tell you “can’t play video link”

Those are the major things that you ought to know about the Mobdro app. The trick here is always scroll downward to try out the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th same channel links and you will always get better stream links in those channels located downward.

You can click here to download Mobdro app and never miss your favorite champion’s league, Premier league or Spanish league game again and much more.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5
This tutorial will school you on how to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, sit back and enjoy.
A few days ago we shared the guide to root Samsung Galaxy Note 5. If you have root access on the Galaxy Note 5 smartphone, then you will be able to install applications that need root access.
There is one more benefit of rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone and that is one will be able to install custom roms on the device. In order to install custom ROM, custom recovery like TWRP recovery is required. The TWRP recovery is finally available for the Samsung galaxy Note 5. If you want to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, follow the step by step guide shared below. Note: The tutorial which am going to share will work only on selected models. Check the model of your device before following the guide we have shared. You can go to Settings > About Phone and find the model number.

  • N920T 
  • N920P


Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone should have more than 80% of battery present in it.
Create a backup of all the data which is present in your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone to be on a safer side.

Download and install drivers or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from here.
USB Debugging should be enabled. To enable USB debugging go to Settings > About Phone. Now you have to tap build number 5-7 times. Return to Developer Options and open it. Now select USB debugging from there. Also Enable OEM Unlock from here.

  1. You should have root access on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  2.  Download TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from here. 
  3. How to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Follow the step by step guide shared below to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
The first thing which you have to do is enter the download mode of your device. To enter Download mode switch off your Galaxy Note 5 and turn it back on by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power button.
When you see a yellow triangle on your Note 5, release the buttons. Press the Volume Up key and you will enter download mode.

Extract Odin and open it on your PC. Connect your smartphone with your PC using a USB cable. When your device is connected, Odin should identify it, and Connected will be written on the screen. If your device is not identified, you need to install the USB drivers of your smartphone on your PC.
When device is identified, you need to go to AP option and then select the .md5 TWRP file you downloaded for your mobile. Check mark Reset Time in the options tab. After you have added the file and checked F.Reset Time, click on Start This will flashing process on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
When your device is flashed you will see PASS written on the software.

Download Nexus USB Drivers

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Download Nexus USB Drivers


Download Nexus USB drivers

Nexus 1 (Nexus One)

Nexus 3 (Galaxy Nexus)

Nexus 2 (Nexus S)

Nexus 5

Nexus 4

Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 6

Nexus 9

Nexus 7 (2013)

Nexus Q

Nexus 10

Nexus Player

1) If you encounter any problems while installing them, contact Nexus support team. by clicking on this link

2) If you would like to get rooting tutorials, firmware upgrade tutorials, etc., for your Nexus smartphones and

tablets, click on this link
3) Only by installing these USB drivers in your computer, you will be able to connect your smartphone to tablet with the computer and sync contacts and other data.

How To Root All Nexus Device Running On Android 5.0 Lollipop

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How To Root All Nexus Device Running On Android 5.0 Lollipop
This tutorial will teach you how to root all Nexus device Running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.
If you are using Nexus (Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 or Nexus 9 or Nexus 10) device which is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop Firmware and would like to root it, then you can do it with the help of Chain Fire Auto Root Tool. Here, you will find the simple instruction to root Nexus devices by using CF Root Tool without stress.

Make sure that battery backup of your device should be above 75% or more, so that you will never face any power issues while carry out the following process.
Next, you have to create a backup of all necessary data on your Nexus device by using appropriate apps.
Make sure that your smartphone boot-loader is unlocked. If it is not, then you need to unlock it before proceeding to the main procedure.
Also ensure that ADB and Fastboot tools installed on your computer click here to download and install.
Enable USB Debugging mode in your device.

Once you have finished all above prerequisites, then you can move on the main rooting procedure.
Before proceeding, you need to download Root Tools click here to download
Now you have to boot your device into the fast-boot mode. To do that, you need to switch off your device and press Volume Up button + Power button + Volume down button at the same time until it is active. Once done, connect your device to the computer using the USB Debugging mode.
Now open the folder (Step 1) and run the “root-windows” executable file, if you are using Windows for rooting your device. If you are using Linux or Mac, then you have to use the other scripts which will come along in the CF Root Tool Package.
For Windows, once you have clicked the “root-windows” file, it will open up a command prompt asking you to “Press Any Key To Continue”. The tool will unlock boot-loader using “OEM Unlock” which will wipe all the data on your device. If you haven’t taken backup of personal data in your device, you will lose them all. So, press any keys only after taking a backup.
Next, the CF-Auto-Root will boot which will be followed by a big red Android on your device’s screen. Now, the SuperSU will get installed in your device. Once done, your device will automatically reboot.

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