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Understanding if Your Mobile Device Falls Into The MTK Category

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Understanding if Your Mobile Device Falls Into The MTK Category
What does MTK stand for?
The aims and objectives of this tutorial will enable you understand if your mobile device falls into the MTK category or not.

In relation to this topic, MTK stands for MediaTek, and MediaTek is a well-known chip manufacturing company based in Taiwan that mostly outsources their products, hence they are regarded as Fabless companies.
They specialize in manufacturing the Central Processing Unit (CPU chips) for wireless telecommunications, HDTVs, DVD etc. Their largest demands come from the Chinese mobile tech market.

From that little description of MTK, you can deduce by now that when we say MTK phones, we are talking of phones that make use of MTK chips.

Since MTK are largest suppliers of their chips to the Chinese mobile tech markets, it now tells us that most of the mobile devices produced in China are MTK devices.

Note: I said most and not all, because there is other notable semiconductor companies aside from MTK that also serve the Chinese market and other mobile tech markets across the globe. For example we also have other notable one like SPD (Spreadtrum).

But we are focusing on how to detect MTK devices when you are on hand with them. Since these
chips are hardware components and with models embedded inside the devices, it will be difficult to tell if they are MTK devices, SPD and others by looking at or handling the device without uncoupling.

It is a common idea that most ranges of Chinese phones like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix etc. are MTK devices. But as we mentioned above, you can’t categorically tell by mere seeing or handling them.

In-fact what I want to tell you now will even go a long way helping you in differentiating original Android devices from fake ones. In other words, cloned phones from other manufacturers mimicking original manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and the rest can easily be detected with this method.

Now for you to really determine whether your android devices are MTK devices or not, follow the simple steps below;

  1. With your android device, go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search and download this simple and free app named CPU-Z.
  3. After installation, launch the app and you will see all your phones and hardware components models.
  4. While on the open app, you will see about 5 menu buttons at the top; SOC (System on Chips), System, Battery, Sensors and About menus.

On the SOC menu, you will see the chip and model of your device boldly written at the top portion of your screen. On the other way round you can also navigate to the system menu to see the hardware component. The models for MTK devices always start with Mt prefix, while that of Spreadtrum often start with SPD or SC.

You can use this app to detect other models and chipsets of any android device. Now for those cloned Samsung devices, when you use this app and find out that the chipsets are MTK, it should tell you that it is not from signed Samsung original products, as Samsung have their self-manufactured chipset as in the Exynos and aside from theirs, they also prefer using American chipsets like Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia etc to MTK chipset.

You will notice that I was able to use single stone in this piece to kill two birds for you, and so if you are happy with this, please you can use the comment box to express yourself and also share to your friends so they can also gain from this knowledge.

Marshmallow 6.0 Landing On Infinix Hot 2 Android One Phone Next Month

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Marshmallow 6.0 Landing On Infinix Hot 2 Android One Phone Next Month
Good news to all Infinix hot 2 Android One mobile phone users, as Marshmallow 6.0 will be landing on your way in no time.
Remember last time that Google went into the mission of making the Android One project a reality for many; a project that was geared towards producing and delivering not more than $100 Google Android branded phones to most smartphone emergent markets across the globe.

It was during that period, which was not even long ago that gave birth to the Infinix Hot2 branded Android One phones that most of you went ahead to snap up.

What makes the Infinix Hot2 Android One phone different?

By now, you should know that as Android is to Google, so is Google is to Android, giving birth to originality.

The Infinix Hot2 to is different from many other android phones in proliferation today, because unlike other android phones like those from your Tecno, Innjoo and even other Infinix products that their OS which is Android was delivered to those devices based on franchise, the Infinix Hot2 has the true mark of Android in it as it runs on Google’s own Android OS.

And the major difference between Google Android and other androids based on franchise deals is that of updates, as Google Android devices get direct and quick updates delivered to them once any form of updates is made available.

And that is what exactly most of you that got the Infinix Hot 2 will be enjoying in the next couple of days, as the latest Google Android OS, which is the Marshmallow will be getting delivered to all Android One devices which Infinix Hot 2 is part of.

When we say next month, don’t forget that next month is just 2 days ahead, but to be precise, Infinix Hot2 owners should brace themselves and their devices up for all the new features that the Android Marshmallow have in stock as  starting November 7, Marshmallow updates to your devices will gradually begin to creep in.

On whether other Infinix products aside the Infinix Hot2 will we be getting the Marshmallow update thereafter is still uncertain for now, as the report currently has it that it is only Infinix Hot2 that will enjoy the upcoming update for the time being.

How To Unlock Android Device With Cracked Or Broken Screen

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How To Unlock Android Device With Cracked Or Broken Screen
This tutorial will school you on how to unlock Android device with a cracked or even worse, a broken screen. Retrieving your data isn`t data after a cracked or broken screen has felt so good before until now.
I have been a fan of touch screen smart phones since the time they first came out and I can’t even imagine going back to a non touch screen phone. While touch screen phones are probably the best in terms of interface and functionality, since you can directly press on the screen for accessing anything, some touch screen phones are sensitive, and once something goes wrong, they can leave you frustrated.

One of the problems that most Android users face is a cracked, broken or inaccessible touch screen. The problem here is that you’ll be able to see everything on your phone, but you won’t be able to interact with the screen. In such instances, I’m sure many of us remember the good old phones with hard keys. The problem for most users here isn’t that they need to get their phones repaired, but that their phones are locked
and they can’t put in the password in order to backup all the important files.

Like many other problems on Android phones, there are solutions to this problem as well and even if you 
can’t access your touch screen, you can learn how to unlock Android device with cracked or broken screens with the methods below. Note that the methods mentioned below aren’t official solutions to this problem, but rather they’re workarounds that a lot of Android users have had success with and they should work on some of the most popular Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, Nexus 5 and Motorola Moto X. Also, they should work other less known Android tablets and phones. You might also try our guides on replacing cracked screens for the S3 and Galaxy S4.

Method 1: Android Debug Bridge

The Android Debug Bridge or ADB solution is the most successful and popular solution for this problem since you don’t need to purchase any fancy stuff in order to unlock your Android phone. You’ll need a PC and a micro USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. This method will only work if you have USB debugging enabled on your Android phone.

If you don’t have it enabled, then proceed to the second method. You’ll need to install the Android SDK (software development kit) package on your PC along with your phone’s specific USB drivers.

Step 1
Download the Android SDK package on your PC. You can download it through this link. Make sure that you download the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version for your PC. Once downloaded, extract the zip file on your PC.

Step 2
Download USB drivers for your phone. You can get the USB drivers for your phone from your manufacturer’s website.

Step 3
Launch the Command Prompt on your PC and change the directory to where the ADB file is located. Type in the following command in Command Prompt. cd C:/android/platform-tools

Step 4
Connect your Android phone to your PC using a micro USB cable and enter the following command. If your phone is recognized, you’ll see some numbers in the Command Prompt message. adb devices

Step 5
Type in the following two commands. You’ll need to type in the second command immediately after the first one. Replace 1234 in the first command with your actual password.

adb shell input text 1234

shell input keyevent 66

Step 6
If the process is successful, your phone should be unlocked. You can now backup all your important files.s
Method 2: USB On the Go Mouse

If the first method didn’t work with your phone or if you don’t have USB debugging enabled, then this is the next best alternative. This method focuses on using a mouse in order to interact with the phone. This is the same way that you interact with your non touch screen PC. Surprisingly, a USB mouse and other USB accessories work quite well with Android phones and tablets.

However, you’ll need to purchase an OTG (On The Go cable) adapter in order to connect the mouse with your phone. While most Android phones and tablets support OTG, some phones cannot be used with an OTG adapter. Make sure that you do your research on whether your phone supports OTG. Some of the latest phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One support OTG. You can also check out this OTG compatibility list.

Step 1
Get an OTG adapter for your phone. You can find it at your local mobile store. You can also buy one from Amazon for about $5 OTG cable or to the nearest mobile accessories store and you can also borrow from a friend. 

Step 2
Get a USB mouse if you don’t already have one connected to your PC. They are available at computer stores.

Step 3
Connect the micro USB side of the OTG cable in your Android tablet or phone and plug in the USB mouse in the OTG adapter.

 Step 4
As soon as you connect the mouse, you should see a pointer on your screen. You can now use the mouse to unlock the pattern or use it to press the keys of the on-screen keyboard if you have a password lock. android pattern.

Advisory Conclusion
One of the reasons Android is my favorite operating system is because there is a solution to almost every problem. A dead touch screen might be a nightmare for you, especially if you have a lot of important data on your phone. However, using the methods mentioned above on how to unlock your Android device with a cracked or broken screen, you can easily unlock your phone and backup all your important data before getting your phone repaired. Again, both these methods are workarounds to this problem and they might not work with some devices. That being said, they are probably the only two solutions that you can use in order to unlock your phone without interacting with the touch screen.

Method 1 is perfect if you have USB debugging enabled on your phone, since you don’t need to purchase anything and the entire process takes only several minutes. If, however, USB debugging is disabled on your phone or if the ADB commands didn’t work with your phone, then you can use a USB mouse in order to unlock your phone. Make sure that you check whether your phone or tablet supports OTG before getting an OTG adapter. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and feel free to shoot any questions below.

How to Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play

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How to Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play
This information will teach you how to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play. One of the advantages of rooting any android device is the ability to install custom ROMs on it. If you have rooted Moto X Play smartphone you might know that you are now open to install custom ROM on the device. There are a lot of custom roms available for the Moto X Play and one of the best ROMs which you can install on the device is Cyanogenmod 12.1. Cyanogenmod 12.1 is based on Android Lollipop and helps in increasing the performance on the Moto X Play. The device will give stock vanilla android interface which ensures that you get the best battery backup.
 If you want to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto x Play you need to root your device first. Follow the guide shared below which will help you to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play.

Before we tell you how to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play a few things need to be fulfilled.
We have mentioned these things below.
Create a full backup of all the data which is present on your Moto X Play smartphone.
USB Debugging should be activated on your Moto X Play smartphone. Go to Settings > Developer
Options and Enable USB Debugging.
Check the battery of your Moto X Play. It should be having more than 80% of battery present in it.
Make sure the USB drivers are installed of your Moto X Play smartphone on your computer.
You should have root access on your device and also a recovery should be installed.
Download ROM file from this here
Download GAAPS from this here

How to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play
First of all you have to connect your Moto X Play smartphone and copy both the ROM file and GAAPS in the internal memory of your device.
Once you have copied, switch off your smartphone and enter the recovery mode. Press Volume Down + Power buttonand you will enter recovery mode of Moto X Play.
Go to Wipe section and wipe cache and dalvik cache.
Press back option and now go to Install

Browse the ROM file and then tap on it. Swipe to flash and it will take around 2-3 minutes to flash the custom rom on your Moto X Play smartphone.
Once flashed, browse the GAAPS file which you copied and flash it just like you flashed the ROM file.
Once the flashing is done, perform dalvik and cache wipe and reboot your Moto X Play.
You have successfully installed Cyanogenmod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play. If you are having any doubts or queries use the comments section to clear them out.

Credit: androidrootguide

How To Root And Flash Moto X Play Device

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How To Root And Flash Moto X Play Device
This tutorial will teach you how to root and also flash Moto X Play android device. Motorola has just launched Moto X Play which is the third generation Moto X smartphone. The device comes with powerful hardware and is available only for Rs 18,500. Moto X Play comes with a 5.5-inch display screen. If you like watching movies on big screens, you can put the 5.5-inch display of the Moto X to good use. Moto X Play has a 1.7 Ghz octa core processor and 2 GB RAM. This hardware configuration makes sure that one is able to get the best Android experience on the Moto X Play and also all operations can be performed easily.

If you want to install custom roms on your Moto X Play smartphone you need to root your device. Today, in this guide we will teach you how to install TWRP recovery and root Moto X Play smartphone.

To learn how to unlock this device boot-loader, click here 
  1. Your Moto X Play smartphone should have more than 80% of battery power present. 
  2. Create backup of all the data which is present in your Moto X Play smartphone to be on a safer side. 
  3. Install Fastboot and ADB Tools on your PC. If Fastboot and ADB Tools are not installed on your PC you can download them from here. 
  4. Download and install drivers or Moto X Play from here. 
  5. USB Debugging should be enabled. To enable USB debugging go to Settings > About Phone. Now you have to tap build number 5-7 times.
  6. Return to Developer Options and open it. Now select USB debugging from there.
The boot-loader of your Moto X Play should be unlocked at this point.

Downloads Items
  1. Download TWRP Recovery here for Moto X Play. 
  2. Download SuperSU here for Moto X Play and copy in internal storage of Moto X Play.
How to flash TWRP Recovery on Moto X Play
  1. Copy the TWRP recovery file and paste it in Fastboot and ADB tools directory. Replace the filename with name “img” 
  2. Put your Moto X Play in boot-loader menu. Press Power + Volume up button to enter boot-loader menu of Moto X Play. 
  3. Once you have entered boot-loader menu, connect your Moto X Play with your PC using USB cable.
The drivers of your Moto X Play will get installed.
  • Now go to the folder where you have copied the Moto X Play recovery which we renamed to img earlier. Open command window by pressing Shift Key + right mouse button and then selecting Open command window here. 
  • Enter the command to check if your device is connected in fast-boot mode.
To flash recovery enter the command mentioned below.

  • Enter recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Power
  • When you see TWRP recovery, tap on Install Now browse for the SuperSU file which you downloaded before.
  • Flash SuperSU on your Moto X Play smartphone.
It will take a couple of minutes to complete flashing of SuperSU file. Once completed, reboot your Moto X Play. If you are convinced that you have fulfilled all the requirements, you are ready to install TWRP Recovery and root Moto X Play.
  •  fastboot devices
  • You will see your Moto X Play here.
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
TWRP recovery will be flashed on Moto X Play.

How To Switch Between Two Android Launchers After Setting One As Default

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How To Switch Between Two Android Launchers After Setting One As Default
This tutorial will teach you how to simply switch between two android launchers after setting one as default.  I believe by now, that you already know what android launchers are; they are apps that add different fanciful styles to your android themes, app drawers etc. in just a manner that will make you love your android screen user interface.

Examples of common launchers are Go launchers, CMS launcher, Zero launchers and so many others out there that you can choose from and that will presents its unique styling features to your android.

Yesterday, somebody told me that he has 2 different launchers on his android device and that he has opted to use one of the launchers as his default launcher by choosing the always option against the just once option that was presented to him.

He continued by telling me that he wants to switch and use the other launcher but finding it difficult to do so.

I know that some of you out there might be facing similar difficulty in switching between your android launchers especially when you have set one as default.

In that vein I decided to through light on how you can easily switch between launchers and play around them even if you have up to 5 of them; it shouldn’t present that difficulty to set any of  your choice android launcher as default.

Now out of your numerous android launchers, for you to switch and set another one as default after having one as default already, follow the simple steps below;

I believe you know the names of the launchers that you have installed to your device

·     With your android phone, navigate your way to Settings>>All>>Apps

·     Then swipe left 3 times to land on All menu

·     Under Alllocate the current default launcher

·     Tap on the current default launcher and move down where you will see the clear default tab

·     Tab on the clear default to reset

·      Now go back to your home screen and hold down the home key; it will then prompt you again to choose from the list of your launchers to use either always or just once.

After setting which one to use, you can from now on always repeat the entire process above to switch between your android launchers any time you set one as default (Always)

How To Change IMEI on Infinix Hot 2 Android One and Use Glo BIS

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How To Change IMEI on Infinix Hot 2 Android One and Use Glo BIS
This simple method will teach you how to change IMEI on Infinix Hot 2 otherwise known as Android One and use Glo BIS on it. Well, I`ve noticed that the hottest phone in town now is truly the Hottest One as it is been code named. It is not easy to see a phone that runs on Lollipop and with 2GB RAM for that matter at such a very cheap price of N19500 and hence the rush for Infinix Hot 2. What I have observed is that tweaking the IMEI of the Hottest one cannot really be achieved by the use of Mobile Uncle, and so some of you might be wondering how else the IMEI of this latest Infinix Hot 2 can actually be tweaked so you can use Glo BIS on it. Well, I will run through the special method of tweaking the IMEI of Infinix Hot 2 so you can follow the procedure here and tweak the IMEI in less than 2 minutes if you have already gotten yourself this wonderful device.

How-to-Change-IMEI-on-Infinix-Hot-2-(Android One)-and-Use-Glo-BIS
Without even wasting a single time, let’s go straight on how to tweak the IMEI of Infinix Hot 2 also known as  Android One;
  • You need a unique blackberry IMEI, click here to see how to get one easily

  •  Since Mobile Uncle won’t work, then dial *#*#3646633#*#* to take you straight to the engineering mode
  • Swipe left to access the Connectivity Menu
  • Then select CDS Information>>Radio Information>>Phone2 to change the IMEI of the second SIM
  • You will now see AT+, tap on it to type and add EGMR=1,10,“BBIMEIgenerated” with a space by the side; E.g. if the BB IMEI you generated above is 358809232156786, you will type it exactly as follows AT+ EGMR=1,10,“358809232156786”
Note the space between AT+ and EGMR and also include all the commas and apostrophe that you saw in the example.
  •  Then click on the SEND AT COMMAND tab immediately below, and you will get a reply saying At command mSent
  •  Finally reboot your phone and you have just succeeded in changing your Android One IMEI.
To confirm if the IMEI is truly changed, you can dial *#06#, You can then go ahead to subscribe for Glo BIS weekly or monthly plan by sending in a text message COWEEK or COMONTHto 777 which is cost you either N500 or N1000.
Don’t forget to create and use a new APN with to activate the browsing.
Finally note that IMEI tweaking is done solely at your own discretion.

Comparing Gionee M3 Mini and Infinix Hot–x507

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Comparing Gionee M3 Mini and Infinix Hot–x507
This will give you a brief information between Gionee M3 Mini and Infinix Hot-x507 while comparing both devices. Now these two devices, Infinix Hot and recently launched Gionee M3 Mini are definitely in similar categories and thus worth comparison. If your pocket is currently light and you are looking for highly budgeted MTK android phones that can still keep you in touch with happenings around the world, then you can turn to Infinix Hot or the recent Gionee M3 Mini as your next companion.

These two devices have been highly debated recently on which of the devices is better and that will be advisable to go for.

For this reason,  I am going to be bringing their differences in features, so at the end you will be able to make an informed discussion on which of the devices to pick and that will better serve you even with your low budget.

We are not going to waste time here but to take you straight to the differences in their specs, and below are the features that separate both phones apart;

    The Infinix Hot features a bigger 5.0inches display than the Gionee M3 Mini 4.5inches screen, but both came with the same screen resolutions of 480 X 854pixel making the one with the smaller screen sharper

     Infinix Hot came with 1.3GHz quad core Cortex-A7 Mediatek MT6582 chipset whereas the Gionee

M3 Mini features a 1GHz quad core Cortex-A53 Mediatek MT6726M chipset

    Infinix Hot 16GB internal memory while Gionee M3 Mini came with 8GB ROM, both have external micro-SD card slot that can take up to about 32GB

    Coming down to connectivity, Infinix Hot has 2G and 3G network connections whereas Gionee M3 Mini includes 4G LTE network with the 2G and 3G networks

    Infinix Hot runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat whereas Gionee M3 Mini features Android 5.1 Lollipop

    Now, the Infinix Hot has a removable 2000mAh Li-ion battery while that of the Gionee M3 Mini is a removable 4000mAh Li-ion type.

You should know that those are the major differences between both devices, for example both of them came with 5MP and 2MP back and front shutter and that is why we did not include it above and since we are fishing out only their differences.

On a lighter note, it may interest you to know that both devices are priced at about $87 (N17,500)

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